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We aim to provide the most recent information available to help you make informed choices for your family. Currently the state of Rhode Island allows exemptions from the requirements for Religious or Medical belief reasons. No child whose parent or guardian states in writing that vaccination conflicts with his/her sincere religious beliefs shall be required to present an immunization certificate in order to attend school. Medical exemptions are also allowed.

What is a Religious Exemption?
The religious exemption to vaccination is one way you can protect your religious freedom and human right to exercise voluntary, informed consent to medical risk-taking. The right to life and liberty is what the United States was founded on, after all, and the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution was put in place to protect your right to worship freely.

Many mistakenly believe that in order to claim a religious exemption to vaccination, you must belong to an organized religion or be a member of a church that “officially” opposes vaccination. — but this is not the case! If you belong to a church or an organized religion (Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc) that does not take an official position opposing vaccination, this does not prevent you from following your spiritual beliefs and filing a religious exemption to vaccination.

As long as your beliefs about vaccination are religious/spiritual in nature; are sincerely and truly held; and you are able to define and attest to your beliefs in a state court, if necessary, you should be able to file and receive a religious exemption to vaccination for yourself or your child.

Religious Exemption Form

What is a Medical Exemption?
A medical exemption must be written by a medical doctor (M.D.) or doctor of osteopathy (D.O.). Some states also allow other state-designated health care workers to certify that the administration of one or more state mandated vaccines would be detrimental to the health of an individual. Most states do not allow a doctor of chiropractic to write medical vaccine exemptions.

Medical Exemption Form

Rhode Island Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule

The RI Department of Health follows the CDC recommended schedule.

2017 RIDOH Recommended Childhood Immunization Schedule

Rhode Island Legislators

RI Senators – 2019

RI House of Representatives – 2019

RI Senate Committee on Health and Human Services – 2019

RI House Committee on Health Education and Welfare – 2019

Rhode Island Immunization laws

§ 16-38-2. Immunization.  (Immunization & Education)

§ 23-1-18. Power to provide rules and regulations in specific areas. (RI Department of Health)

§ 23-1-44. Routine childhood and adult immunization vaccines.

§ 23-1-45. Immunization account.

§ 23-1-46. Insurers.

§ 23-1-47. Health care providers – Immunities.

§ 23-17.19-1. Short title. 

§ 23-17.19-2. Definitions.

§ 23-17.19-3. Long-term care resident and employee immunization.  

§ 23-17.19-4. Resident immunization.

§ 23-17.19-5. Employee immunization.

§ 23-17.19-6. Exceptions.

§ 23-17.19-7. Regulations.

§ 23-76-1. “Vaccine” defined.

§ 23-76-2. Determination of need.

§ 23-76-3. Protection of public.

§ 23-76-4. Reporting.









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