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As the new academic year approaches, parents and students are challenged to be proactive in seeking out accurate information to inform their vaccine choices. A good place to start is  Remember to reference our Rhode Island Resources Page.

Source: Back to School Vaccine Education to Combat Misinformation – NVIC

A call to Action: H5541 Sub A and S676 Sub A

In May, these bills were introduced by the Rhode Island Department of Health.  While many who attended the hearings suggested that an OPT IN with informed written consent should be added, including the RIACLU (see below) it has fallen on deaf ears.

The Threat to Liberty & Health


The erosion of medical freedom and privacy under the guise of protecting the public health is a threat to individual liberty. It is a threat to the very foundation of freedom as we have known it since the Constitution was ratified in 1787 and amended by the Bill of Rights in 1791.

A de facto medical dictatorship, which has been set up by government health officials using police powers assigned by state legislatures, affirmed by the Supreme Court in Jacobson v Massachusetts, fueled by federal funds, and aided by politicians eager to believe that doctors should track citizens “for the greater good,” is destroying the most sacred of all individual freedoms: the human right to self determination.

The human right to choose what one is willing to die for or, in the case of a parent, what one is willing to risk a child’s life for is a basic human right. If the state can tag, track down and force citizens against their will to be injected with biologicals of known and unknown toxicity today, then there will be no limit on what individual freedoms the state can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow.  (Barbara Loe Fisher saw this coming in 1999)  more here

What can you do?  Read below.

CALL the Governor’s office to Oppose these bills. Leave a message with staff to oppose S676 sub A and H5541 sub A, and refuse to sign into law if they pass the floor vote. That you want our governor to respect our rights to privacy and informed consent. She should only support OPT IN for such an invasive database.

Calling Governor Phone: (401).222.2080

Call Senate President and Speaker of the House that you oppose the medical tracking database and they should also.**Speaker Nicholas Matiello: 401-222-2466**Senate President Ruggerio 401-222-6655

Call Senate HHS Committee Members to Vote NO on S676 sub A on Tues June 18th Chairperson Joshua Miller 401-276-5507 Vice Chairperson Gayle Goldin 401- 276-5568 Senator Elizabeth Crowley 401-725-8526 Senator Thomas Paolino 401-749-6120 Senator Adam J. Satchell 401-615-5170 Senator James C. Sheehan 401-276-5567 Senator Bridget Valverde 401-379-0082 Senator Donna M. Nesselbush 401-728-3244 Senator Valerie Lawson 401-316-5666

This bill is expected to be passed Wed or Thursday in both the House and the Senate.  Please call today!


(Thanks to everyone fighting this No Good, Very Bad Bill x2!!  The Rhode Island Wellness Society, Health Choice Rhode Island and NoHPVMandateRI

Is Our Medical Information Private?

Since its inception, HIPPA has been touted as the Gold Standard in keeping our personal medical information safe and private. We assume everyone is following the rules.

Have you ever heard of KIDSNET?  What if I told you that if your child was born after 1997, their medical/immunization information is not private.  You would expect that information (EHR) to be safe in your doctor’s office computer protected by a fire wall.  And it is.  However, your child’s medical information is being shared with the Rhode Island Department of Health without your prior knowledge or consent.  DOH shares it with other State agencies.  Like DCYF, your school nurse-teacher, WIC, Family Visiting, Early Intervention and others.  And, your doctor or health provider is required transmit that data.

This legislation, we are told, will keep track of everyone’s  immunizations.  To prevent duplication and save money.  They use the excuse that Grandma might forget she had a flu shot.  Really?  

Once again this year RIDOH bills have been introduced in the legislature, S 0676 in the Senate and H 5541 in the House which propose to extend this practice of “capturing” your medical/immunization from your provider to adult Rhode Islanders.    According to this bill, you can only block the information from being shared with others (though they do not tell you exactly how to do so).  You would not be able to see what is transmitted to the Rhode Island Children and Adult Immunization Registry (RICAIR) without asking your doctor to print it out.  While they say you can request that your information be blocked or corrected if there are errors, again no details are provided.  The Rhode Island Department of Health will always have access to your information and you cannot block them.

Why should you be concerned if this bill is passed in its present form?  For one, parents are notified and soon to be adults will be notified after the transfer of information to RICAIR.  In addition to the above state agencies and others which may be added with the roll out of the adult registry, unknown others can view the information such as medical researchers and statisticians simply by filling out a form with the RI Dept of Health.  We have no idea who these individuals are or their purpose.

The addition of the adult vaccine information is concerning because of the way it could be used and abused.  In addition to your immunization status, your contact information address, email and phone number are listed in the data elements.  I don’t want to speculate or assume what would develop from this piece of legislation.  Suffice it to say that S676 or H5541 do not address the specific data points.   Here is a link to the endorsed patient demographic and vaccination event data elements from the cdc IIS data…/programs/iis/core-data-elements.  There is no information on the cyber-security of  RICAIR.

The Senate HHS Hearing on this bill is Thursday, May 9th at the Rise of the House usually between 4 and 5 p.m.

You can find the list of your Senators and Representatives in the RI Resources tab on this website.  Let your elected officials know what you think.



It Appears We Have Hit A Pharmacological Nerve!

Have you been watching the news lately? In the 18 years I have been advocating for vaccine safety and choice, I have never seen so much hostility towards those of us questioning that safety and our right to informed consent.

It appears we have hit a pharmacological nerve….

There is internet censorship being promoted by members of Congress. Videos, movies and books with information on the lack of safety testing and vaccine injury are being purged from Amazon, Google and YouTube. And, of course, the measles scare is back again.

We are a community of non-vaxxers, ex-vaxxers and cautious vaxxers. We are far from the ​ANTI Vaxxer and Terrorist ​label that is being thrown upon us. We have continued our message that vaccines are not 100% safe or effective and where there is Risk, there must be Choice (Informed Consent)

At the US House of Representatives hearing in February the Congressman from Kentucky questioned Dr. Fauci, head of NIH infectious diseases, about a known side effect of the MMR vaccine, namely encephalopathy (brain swelling), and asked if it could be caused by the vaccine. Fauci literally lied to Congress under oath by saying “No”. When the members of the public in the gallery gasped, and were admonished by the Chair, his colleague from the CDC interjected that encephalopathy was “rare”. The Age of Autism wrote a short article and included the C-SPAN video

The H.E.L.P Committee in the US Senate hearing “Vaccines Save Lives: What Is Driving Preventable Disease Outbreaks?” that took place March 5, 2019 is now available to view.

As I see it, if you wish to maintain your freedom to choose what health interventions are best for you and your loved ones, you must begin writing and/or calling every one of your State and Federal Representatives and Senators, the Governor, the Director of the Department of Health and expressing your desire to continue to have that choice. In my gut, I believe the mandates for adults will begin next year if we do not take a stand now.

Here is what else you can do to support our Statewide effort:

Attend the State House hearings with your entire family. Make note of the Bill committee assignments and use this link to check dates, times and agendas. If you can’t attend the hearings you have the option to send in a written testimony.

Bills we SUPPORT in the RI House:

House Bill – H5165 – This bill would reinstate the philosophical objection to vaccination.

Bills we SUPPORT in the RI Senate:

Senate Bill – S0300 – This bill seeks to ask Congress to repeal the 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, Subpoena Dr. William Thompson of the CDC and that all vaccines be classified as pharmaceutical drugs and tested accordingly.

Senate Bill – S0213 – This bill creates the Rhode Island Informed Consent Protection Act.

Senate Bill – S0303 – This bill would create an opt out for immunizations which protect against diseases which are not spread by casual contact.

Bills we OPPOSE:

House Bill – H5541 – This bill seeks to create an adult registry to collect all immunization information by the RI Dept of Health. You have to contact the Dept of Health to opt out. We feel you should have to sign a consent to be included in the registry. Update: This Bill is being heard in the House HEW Committee on Wednesday, March 13th, at the Rise of the House, 4:00.

We are all in this together! Don’t forget to follow us on facebook or visit our website for valuable resources.

Rhode Island it is time to #BE BRAVE!!

This is the end of Autism Awareness Month and not a mention from the Rhode Island State House.  If you have seen Vaxxed the Movie, you may recall at the end of the film a call to action was mentioned to ask Congress to subpoena Dr. William Thompson the CDC whistle blower to testify before Congress about manipulation of data and corruption in the MMR study.  We have a resolution being heard to do just that.  A resolution is a shot across the bow, a warning that we are aware and we want action!  Just as we were the first to revolt in the Revolutionary War (remember the burning of the Gaspee)  Come out and support Senate Resolution 2670.

The RI Senate Committee on Health and Human Services will be holding a hearing Tuesday, May 1st and will consider bills we are supporting with regard to health freedom of choice, vaccines and human rights.

The bills authored by Senator Metts  (S2605 and Senate Resolution 2670) and Senator Goodwin (S2744) are the ones we are working hard promote and pass.

This will not happen without the efforts of everyone.  Make your best effort to appear and testify.  Email written testimony or call Chairman Miller. 401-276-5582 and Senate President Ruggerio 401 222-6655 and tell them you support these bills and want them brought to the floor for passage.







DATE: Tuesday, May 1, 2018
TIME: Rise of the Senate
PLACE: Senate Lounge – State House



Senate Bill No. 2225

BY Archambault, Sosnowski, Satchell, Sheehan
ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO DEPARTMENT OF BEHAVIORAL HEALTHCARE, DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES AND HOSPITALS — POWERS AND DUTIES — CHEMICAL DEPENDENCY PROFESSIONALS {LC3742/1} (Provides that the department of behavioral healthcare, developmental disabilities and hospitals with the power and duty to certify a list of chemical dependency professionals for use by state agencies and for referral of individuals for treatment.)
02/01/2018 Introduced, referred to Senate Health and Human Services
04/06/2018 Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration
04/10/2018 Committee recommended measure be held for further study
04/27/2018 Scheduled for consideration
Senate Bill No. 2538
BY DiPalma
ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO HEALTH AND SAFETY – REGISTRATION OF NURSING ASSISTANTS {LC3200/1} (Allows for a nurse to delegate tasks to nursing assistants and authorizes the department of health to promulgate regulations that delineate delegable tasks.)
03/01/2018 Introduced, referred to Senate Health and Human Services
03/09/2018 Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration
03/12/2018 Meeting postponed
03/12/2018 Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration
03/27/2018 Committee recommended measure be held for further study
04/27/2018 Scheduled for consideration
Senate Bill No. 2551
BY Goodwin, Euer
ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO STATE AFFAIRS AND GOVERNMENT — THE RHODE ISLAND AGING AND DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTER {LC4105/1} (Establishes aging/disability resource center within division of elderly affairs as part of long-term care system for elderly/disabled persons/family caregivers/providers.)
03/01/2018 Introduced, referred to Senate Health and Human Services
04/06/2018 Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration
04/12/2018 Committee recommended measure be held for further study
04/27/2018 Scheduled for consideration

Senate Bill No. 2226

BY Lynch Prata, McCaffrey, Miller, Metts, Nesselbush
ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO HEALTH AND SAFETY – LICENSING OF HEALTH CARE FACILITIES – INFLUENZA IMMUNIZATION {LC4277/1} (Requires hospitals to offer immunization against influenza virus to all inpatients sixty-five (65) years of age or older from October to March of the following year.)
02/01/2018 Introduced, referred to Senate Health and Human Services
04/27/2018 Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration
Senate Bill No. 2530
(Dept. of Health)
BY Crowley, Quezada, Miller, Sosnowski
ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO HEALTH AND SAFETY – DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH {LC4928/1} (Expands the current law so that RI adult residents would be included in the department of health immunization registry presently maintained for children. Also provides that any person may opt-out of the registry by contacting the department.)
03/01/2018 Introduced, referred to Senate Health and Human Services
04/27/2018 Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration
Senate Bill No. 2405
BY Metts, Morgan, Paolino, Cote, Archambault
ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO HEALTH AND SAFETY – DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH {LC4723/1} (Allows parents or guardians of a child to opt out of vaccines for non-casual contact diseases transmitted by sexual contact.)
02/15/2018 Introduced, referred to Senate Health and Human Services
04/27/2018 Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration
Senate Resolution No. 2670
BY Metts, Morgan, Paolino, Crowley, Quezada
03/20/2018 Introduced, referred to Senate Health and Human Services
04/27/2018 Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration
Senate Bill No. 2744
BY Goodwin, Fogarty, Metts, Paolino, Crowley
ENTITLED, AN ACT RELATING TO EDUCATION – OFFENSES PERTAINING TO SCHOOLS {LC5161/1} (Provides an exception to required school immunizations for pupils whose personal, philosophical, or religious beliefs are contrary to immunization and/or testing.)
03/22/2018 Introduced, referred to Senate Health and Human Services
04/27/2018 Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration
Robin Dionne
Committee Clerk

POSTED: FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 2018, 4:04 PM


Time to Let your voice be heard.


Let your Voice Be Heard

Tell your story


Have you taken your child to a well baby check-up and were given little or no information on the vaccines to be given and told simply that they were required?  Now is the time to speak up for informed consent.


Have you asked questions about the vaccines to be given to yourself or your child and your doctor simply said they are “necessary, safe and effective” and was annoyed by your question? Now is the time to speak up for informed consent.


Have you refused one or more vaccines or wanted to use an alternative vaccine schedule and your doctor asked you to find another doctor?  Now is the time to let your voice be heard.


Were you told vaccines are mandatory, and your child could not attend daycare, preschool, etc. without them? Now is the time to stand up for the truth!


Did you submit a religious exemption form for the HPV Gardasil 9 vaccine?   Now is the time to stand up for your rights to be fully informed.


Was your child given a vaccine without your knowledge or consent or did your child sustain a vaccine injury?

Now is the time to tell your story!


Come to the Rhode Island House Committee Meeting on Health, Education and Welfare on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.


The hearing begins at about 4:30 (Rise of the House), but you are encouraged to arrive early if possible.  You can sign in to support the legislation below which will give individuals and families exemption rights and informed consent.


Here is the Legislation:


House Bill 7576 Allows for parents and others to opt out of vaccines for non-casual contact diseases transmitted by sexual contact between individuals and would require all correspondence to parents relating to vaccinations to contain notification about the option to opt out.


House Bill 7686  This Act would provide an exemption to required school immunizations for personal or philosophical beliefs.


House Bill 7704  This Act would require Informed Consent for vaccinations.

If you plan to attend the Hearing:


Arrive as early as possible, if you are going to arrive after 4:00 you can park in the DOT or DOH lots across the street.  If you have written testimony, please keep it to approximately 2 pages. You must submit individually for each bill. Make sure your name, contact information and correct bill number are at the top of each page.  Make 23 copies to submit to the Committee clerk.


If you are going to testify, make sure your remarks are not verbatim of your written testimony.  You only have about 2 minutes so make your case, your most important point and back it up in your written submission.  If you have any questions on this email me at [email protected]


If you are unable to attend, the hearing email your testimony to:   Keep your written testimony to approximately 2 pages.  You must submit a separate letter/statement for each bill.  Make sure your name, contact information and correct bill number are at the top of each page.  

If your representative is a member of the House HEW comittee, please contact them and ask them to support these bills.

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