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Have you taken your child to a well baby check-up and were given little or no information on the vaccines to be given and told simply that they were required?  Now is the time to speak up for informed consent.


Have you asked questions about the vaccines to be given to yourself or your child and your doctor simply said they are “necessary, safe and effective” and was annoyed by your question? Now is the time to speak up for informed consent.


Have you refused one or more vaccines or wanted to use an alternative vaccine schedule and your doctor asked you to find another doctor?  Now is the time to let your voice be heard.


Were you told vaccines are mandatory, and your child could not attend daycare, preschool, etc. without them? Now is the time to stand up for the truth!


Did you submit a religious exemption form for the HPV Gardasil 9 vaccine?   Now is the time to stand up for your rights to be fully informed.


Was your child given a vaccine without your knowledge or consent or did your child sustain a vaccine injury?

Now is the time to tell your story!


Come to the Rhode Island House Committee Meeting on Health, Education and Welfare on Wednesday, March 28, 2018.


The hearing begins at about 4:30 (Rise of the House), but you are encouraged to arrive early if possible.  You can sign in to support the legislation below which will give individuals and families exemption rights and informed consent.


Here is the Legislation:


House Bill 7576 Allows for parents and others to opt out of vaccines for non-casual contact diseases transmitted by sexual contact between individuals and would require all correspondence to parents relating to vaccinations to contain notification about the option to opt out.


House Bill 7686  This Act would provide an exemption to required school immunizations for personal or philosophical beliefs.


House Bill 7704  This Act would require Informed Consent for vaccinations.

House Bill

If you plan to attend the Hearing:


Arrive as early as possible, if you are going to arrive after 4:00 you can park in the DOT or DOH lots across the street.  If you have written testimony, please keep it to approximately 2 pages. You must submit individually for each bill. Make sure your name, contact information and correct bill number are at the top of each page.  Make 23 copies to submit to the Committee clerk.


If you are going to testify, make sure your remarks are not verbatim of your written testimony.  You only have about 2 minutes so make your case, your most important point and back it up in your written submission.  If you have any questions on this email me at [email protected]


If you are unable to attend, the hearing email your testimony to:  Keep your written testimony to approximately 2 pages.  You must submit a separate letter/statement for each bill.  Make sure your name, contact information and correct bill number are at the top of each page.  

If your representative is a member of the House HEW comittee, please contact them and ask them to support these bills.

Contact info: