My Turn: Maddalena Cirignotta: Why does R.I. Department of Health want to track us?

Thank you to the author for permission to share her op-ed from Providence Journal.

This winter, the Rhode Island Department of Health has introduced legislation via Rhode Island lawmakers to track the complete medical records of every person in our state. This RIDOH Registry would extend our current mandatory tracking system from all minors to all adults as well. House Bill 7882 and Senate Bill 2530 would let the RIDOH legally data mine the personal medical information of every adult and child in Rhode Island.

If H-7882 and S-2530 are passed, the Department of Health will track all sensitive and private medical information for all people in our state. RIDOH will have unrestricted knowledge of medications we are taking, medical procedures we have had, pregnancies, counseling services, mental health, and all medical choices we have made.

There is no opt-out of the registry. If passed, it will be mandatory. According the language of the bills, “Any person may opt out of the disclosure of their immunization status by contacting the department of health.” What about the rest of the registry? This bill violates the right to informed consent as well as privacy. We as human beings, have the right to say “no” to imposed data collection of our personal records.

KIDSNET, our current no-opt-out, mandatory tracking system for all minors in Rhode Island, even collects our children’s Social Security numbers. RIDOH does not list the “participating programs” that have access to the Social Security numbers and private medical records of our children. Furthermore, “parental consent to include children’s data is not required.”

Any tracking system should always respect the human right to informed consent. KIDSNET should be an opt-in-only system that requires a signature in order for data to be collected in the first place. Meanwhile, these draconian adult registry bills should be permanently put to rest.

These alarmingly invasive bills violate our core right to privacy. They additionally raise several deeply concerning questions about the RIDOH:

Why does our state health department want to track our personal data? How does the RIDOH justify legislation that removes the basic tenant of informed consent? Once our data is collected, what recourse would citizens have to protect our information from hackers? How would people ensure that their private medical choices will not be used against them in the future? Does the RIDOH expect taxpayers to fund this massive and costly registry?

In 2017, voices of all kinds began to speak out with their truths. Individuals are joining the collective chorus of outrage as we declare, “Enough is enough.” The time is ripe for Rhode Islanders of all races, genders, cultures, abilities and backgrounds to claim our inherent rights to privacy, choice and informed consent for ourselves and our children.

If we wish to maintain our core freedoms, we must all tell our lawmakers that we do not want to be forced into a mandatory tracking system by our government. House Bill 7882 will be heard by the Health, Education and Welfare Committee in Room 101 of the Rhode Island State House within the next few weeks. Let our representatives know that Rhode Islanders do not wish to be forcefully tracked by the Rhode Island Department of Health or any other government agency.

Maddalena Cirignotta, of Wakefield, writes for the Rhode Island Wellness Society.


Time to Let your voice be heard.


Let your Voice Be Heard

Tell your story


Have you taken your child to a well baby check-up and were given little or no information on the vaccines to be given and told simply that they were required?  Now is the time to speak up for informed consent.


Have you asked questions about the vaccines to be given to yourself or your child and your doctor simply said they are “necessary, safe and effective” and was annoyed by your question? Now is the time to speak up for informed consent.


Have you refused one or more vaccines or wanted to use an alternative vaccine schedule and your doctor asked you to find another doctor?  Now is the time to let your voice be heard.


Were you told vaccines are mandatory, and your child could not attend daycare, preschool, etc. without them? Now is the time to stand up for the truth!


Did you submit a religious exemption form for the HPV Gardasil 9 vaccine?   Now is the time to stand up for your rights to be fully informed.


Was your child given a vaccine without your knowledge or consent or did your child sustain a vaccine injury?

Now is the time to tell your story!


Come to the Rhode Island House Committee Meeting on Health, Education and Welfare on Wednesday, March 21, 2018.


The hearing begins at about 4:30 (Rise of the House), but you are encouraged to arrive early if possible.  You can sign in to support the legislation below which will give individuals and families exemption rights and informed consent.


Here is the Legislation:


House Bill 7576 Allows for parents and others to opt out of vaccines for non-casual contact diseases transmitted by sexual contact between individuals and would require all correspondence to parents relating to vaccinations to contain notification about the option to opt out.


House Bill 7686  This Act would provide an exemption to required school immunizations for personal or philosophical beliefs.


House Bill 7704  This Act would require Informed Consent for vaccinations.

If you plan to attend the Hearing:


Arrive as early as possible, if you are going to arrive after 4:00 you can park in the DOT or DOH lots across the street.  If you have written testimony, please keep it to approximately 2 pages. You must submit individually for each bill. Make sure your name, contact information and correct bill number are at the top of each page.  Make 23 copies to submit to the Committee clerk.


If you are going to testify, make sure your remarks are not verbatim of your written testimony.  You only have about 2 minutes so make your case, your most important point and back it up in your written submission.  If you have any questions on this email me at


If you are unable to attend, the hearing email your testimony to:  Keep your written testimony to approximately 2 pages.  You must submit a separate letter/statement for each bill.  Make sure your name, contact information and correct bill number are at the top of each page.  

If your representative is a member of the House HEW comittee, please contact them and ask them to support these bills.

Contact info:

Time to Focus on Legislation

Time to Focus on Legislation

This is the third legislative session since Gardasil 9 vaccine was added for 7th graders in Rhode Island. In that time our group and others have made efforts to inform and educate parents about their rights to exemption and informed consent. You have shared your stories about trying to find a pediatrician who gives informed consent, your struggles with vaccine injured children, and your stories of extremely healthy vaccine free children. The legislation this year is reflective of all those stories. We have joined with others under Health Choice Northeast to coordinate our efforts both locally and nationally.  We have new friends and fellow advocates from all the New England States and New York.

This Rhode Island legislative session looks promising. There are three excellent bills on the House Side and at least two on the Senate side. We owe our gratitude to a hardworking group of State Representatives: Sherry Roberts, Justin Price, Robert Lancia, Robert Quattrocchi, Michael Chippendale, Jeremiah O’Grady, Daniel McKiernan, and Blake Filippi.

House Bill 7576 Allows for parents and others to opt out of vaccines for non-casual contact diseases transmitted by sexual contact between individuals and would require all correspondence to parents relating to vaccinations to contain notification about the option to opt out.

House Bill 7686 This Act would provide an exemption to required school immunizations for personal or philosophical beliefs.

House Bill 7704 This Act would require Informed Consent for vaccinations.

All three of these bills have been referred to the House Health Education and Welfare Committee. If your representative is a member, please contact them and ask for their support.

Contact info:

On the Senate side, we have some amazing Senators who we thank for being supporters of Vaccine safety and Informed Consent: Senators Harold Metts, Elaine Morgan, Thomas Paolino, and Stephen Archambault . Please thank all these Senators for their efforts and call your Senator and encourage them to support and cosponsor this legislation.

Senate Bill 2405 Is a companion bill to H7576 and sponsored by Senator Metts. It has been assigned to the Senate HHS committee

Please contact the committee members and encourage them to support this bill.

Action Summary:

Call your Senator and HHS committee members and ask them to support S2405 and recommend for passage. Ask them to also co-sponsor the reinstatement of the philosophical exemption bill.
Call your Representative and the members of the House HEW committee. Ask that they support H7576, H7696 and H7704 and recommend them for passage.
Sign up in the contact us section to be informed of committee hearings and related events.
Please share this post with friends and family.

For your rights, your health, your choice,




Honoring Colton Berrett

Colton Berrett was injured by the Gardasil Vaccine.  It left him paralyzed and unable to breathe unassisted or hold his head up on his own.  Despite this devastating injury, Colton had a wonderful, positive outlook. He worked hard to learn to walk again.  He was interviewed by the Vaxxed Team in his native Utah in 2016. Watch here: Colton Barrett 2016

Colton’s wish was to see a day when no child, teen, or young adult is injured by any HPV vaccine. Sadly, Colton left this world unexpectedly on Friday, January 5, 2018 at the age of 18. He joins a growing list of Gardasil Angels. His loving and supportive family are devastated by his passing.  Please “Pray Big” that they may find comfort in God’s grace.

In Rhode Island, we can all honor Colton and his wish by continuing to inform and educate our friends, family, elected officials and especially medical professionals about the risks involved in vaccination, particularly the Gardasil vaccine.  This ineffective and unsafe vaccine must be removed from the recommended CDC schedule and the Rhode Island school attendance requirements.   

Looking forward to 2018.

Happy Holidays!

I know you are all busy with Holiday preparations.  It is that time of year when we enjoy time with family and friends.  While you spend time sharing food, drink and holiday cheer with others, take the opportunity to share this information about vaccine safety.

In this video taped early this year, vaccine safety advocate, producer and medical journalist, Del Bigtree, presents a Vaccine Safety Project power point developed by the World Mercury Project.  This information will inform and empower.  Less than an hour of your time.

Del Bigtree-vaccine safety

In the new year,  let’s all continue the work to inform and protect the rights of all to vaccine choice and health freedom.

Wishing you good health and good cheer in the New Year,

Deb O’Leary



Eighth Annual Vaccine Awareness Week

  • November 5-11th, is Vaccine Awareness Week.  The National Vaccine Information Center in association with will be hosting a series of online videos on Vaccine safety and Informed Consent.  Go to for more information.
  • #RIAVC has received several inquiries regarding vaccine choice friendly pediatricians in Rhode Island. It appears they are difficult to find.  If your doctor is “friendly” and taking new patients, please contact us.
  • Don’t forget to set your clocks back 1 hour tonight!




Holding HHS Accountable: a complex legal issue.

In 1986, the United State Congress passed a bill called The 1986 Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

This bill was written and supported by the pharmaceutical companies who manufactured vaccines.   In the early 1980’s there were increasing  numbers of liability lawsuits filed by parents of children who were injured or killed by the DTP vaccine. Some of the settlements were sizable.   These vaccine makers threatened to stop producing vaccines altogether unless something was done.  

What Congress did was make it nearly impossible to sue a vaccine maker or a doctor administering a vaccine.   Instead, they created a “vaccine court” within the US Court of Claims and began adding a fee to every vaccine dose sold in the USA to fund it.  Since 1987, the vaccine court has paid out over 3.7 Billion dollars.   

The CDC recommended vaccine schedule has grown unchecked from 24 doses of 3 vaccines to 72 doses of 13 vaccines and more are being considered for approval. Most are required for school attendance and child care.   Forty eight states, including Rhode Island,  allow religious or philosophical exemptions to vaccination.  California, Mississippi and West Virginia have only a medical exemption.  A manufacturer can be sued if your child’s crib falls apart, but if your baby dies or becomes seriously injured by a vaccine, the manufacturers and medical personnel who administer the vaccine,  have no liability.  

2017 is the year this could all change.  Below are links to a letter and a supporting white paper sent to the Acting Secretary of HHS by the Informed Consent Action Network which questions HHS compliance with the provisions regarding vaccine safety and if they have been followed. Please read by clicking on here HHS Letter and Documents

The HHS Secretary has 60 days to reply to ICAN’s request.  



Informed Consent: knowing all the risks, benefits and alternatives to any medical treatment.  


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