The RI Alliance for Vaccine Choice (RIAVC) is organized for the purpose of advocating for legislation that supports parental rights and informed consent. All individuals should be given full knowledge of possible risks and benefits relating to medical procedures and vaccines including the HPV vaccine. The RI Alliance for Vaccine Choice works with our state legislators and government officials to eliminate the HPV vaccine mandate. We assert that individuals have the right to make vaccination decisions after discussing their healthcare treatment with their physician.


Protect and preserve our right to medical freedom and to prevent any action that would impose any additional infringement on human rights.

2 thoughts on “#RIAVC

  1. Are religious reasons still the only way to gain exemption for the HPV vaccine?


  2. In RI parents have the option to use the “Religious Exemption Form” or have their doctor fill out the “Medical Exemption Form” Both forms are available to print/download on our resources page. At one time there was a “Philosophical Exemption” but that was removed several years ago. We have been working on several bills and were able to get 3 introduced in the House and 2 introduced in the Senate. If passed House Bill H7475 and Senate Bill S2292 will allow parents to opt-out of the HPV vaccine and/or sexually transmitted vaccinations for non religious reasons. All the bill links are accessible in the March 11th blog on our site.


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