Your Weekly Dose of Information – April 8, 2016

Who We Are – Written by Linda McLaughlin

What does an average working man, a chiropractor, a photographer, real estate agent, a retired office worker, retired teacher and a person who works with non-profits have in common? We come from all backgrounds, all walks of life, with varying beliefs and have formed a unit. We have children some of us grandchildren, we have children not affected by vaccines and we have children vaccine injured.

We didn’t know each other before June of last year yet we have met, bonded, and became a team. We respect and communicate well with each other and despite all our differences communicate with one belief in common.

Since we founded our board in December we have managed to get five bills presented! (Two Senate Bills and Three House Bills) These bills will protect all of our freedoms and our rights to informed consent. They will require more transparency, communication, and accountability from the RIDOH. I am proud of all that we have accomplished. I am proud of everyone that has joined in this fight with us. I am especially proud to be a part of such a knowledgeable hardworking team. I cannot tell you what is going to happen from here. I don’t know if the bills are going to pass, or if it’s going to go any further but I can’t tell you enough how accomplished I feel that we have come this far.

Joan Lowder and I started this with the hope that we could have a voice against the mandate for the HPV vaccine. This team has given us more than just a little voice, they have given us hope and direction. They have given us a chance to fight against the power of the Department of Health. Joan and I want to publicly thank all those especially the board for all that they have done from the bottom of our hearts to wherever we go from here. Thank You!

From the grandmothers,
Linda and Joan

Legislative Update

This past Wednesday, April 6th the group presented testimony for House Bill H7899.  To view the testimony Click Here  All the bills presented that evening were held for further study. We will keep you updated on the progress of all the bills that have been introduced this session.

Call To Action

Contact your legislators

They still need to hear from us! Remember you elected them, hold them accountable. Explain that you want them to pass these bills. Our HPV Parent Information Kit has a lot of information and a sample letter you can email to your legislator.

Senate Bill S2292
Senate Bill S2295
House Bill H7475
House Bill H7476
House Bill H7899

Continue to spread the word with Parents

The school districts are sending home the vaccine requirements for the upcoming school year, for some parents this will be the first time hearing about the HPV vaccine mandate. Direct them to our website where they will find valuable information on our Resources Page Are you interested in booking us for a speaking engagement or event? Please contact us HERE

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