Your Weekly Dose of Information – March 18, 2016


Legislative Update

This past Wednesday, March 16th, the group presented testimony for House Bill H7475 and House Bill H7476. To view the testimony click here. All the bills presented that evening, including ours, were held for further study. We will keep you updated on the progress of these bills.

Some highlights from our testimony relating to H7475

“A post on our Facebook page told of a recent incident at a local high school. The names of 50 students needing vaccinations recommended by the Vaccinate before you Graduate Program had their names announced over the school public address system indicating they would not graduate without the recommended vaccines. This is a clear violation of HIPAA or perhaps FERPA and in my opinion, medical bullying.”  Deb O’Leary

“No family should be bullied into choosing a treatment or risk losing their doctor. No child should be excluded from school because they haven’t been given a vaccine for a disease that is non-transmissible in schools. I am asking you to support this bill because it will strengthen informed consent and a patient’s right to choose treatment. I believe this bill will also help change the conversation between families and doctors, and will ensure that children are not excluded from school simply because they have not been vaccinated against sexually transmitted diseases like HPV. Please support House Bill 7475.” Kristen P.

Some highlights from our testimony relating to H7476

“When the RIDOH added Gardasil and Menactra to the schedule in December of 2014, the informational hearings were held after the decision was made. Parents were upset and angry and rightly so. Pediatricians were informed during the decision making process as “interested parties”. Parents who are the most important “interested party” when it comes to the health of their children were not invited or informed.” Deb O’Leary 

“As a parent, I feel the government is dictating what medical treatments my children must have, without my input or consent. This bill will help ensure that Rhode Island citizens are not only informed, but consulted when these type of decisions arise. I believe it is essential for the public to have greater opportunities to be informed and to provide input into decisions made by the Department of Health about rules they are planning to adopt concerning mandated medical treatments including immunizations. Please support House Bill 7476.” Kristen P.

Committee Hearings Update

We checked the Committee Hearing Schedules this afternoon and the remaining 3 of the 5 bills are not scheduled for next week.  Is your senator or representative on either committee? Please check the committee links below and take the time to contact them. 

House Bill H7899 will be heard by the 17 members of the House Committee On Health, Education & Welfare.

Senate Bill S2292 and Senate Bill S2295 will be heard by the 9 members of the Senate Committee On Health & Human Services

We will update you when these meetings are scheduled!

In the News

We had the opportunity to speak with Ken from Educate Yourself this past Tuesday March 15th regarding the upcoming House and Senate Hearings. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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