Important Legislative Update – 4th Bill Introduced (Senate Bill S2295)

Legislation Update:

Senate Bill S2295 Introduced!

We would like to thank the following senators for working closely with the RI Alliance for Vaccine Choice We appreciate your hard work and support.

Thank you Senators  Senator Elaine J. Morgan and Nick Kettle

To Date the following bills have been introduced:

Senate Bill S2292
Senate Bill S2295
House Bill H7475
House Bill H7476

Quick Reminder: 

Open Meeting – Legislative Hearing Preparation Monday February 22, 2016 

The bills have been introduced! Join us as we prepare testimony for the proposed legislation hearing happening towards the end of the month. (We will update you when we have a hearing date)

This hearing is our opportunity to speak up, have our voices heard, and make it known these mandates are not acceptable. Over the past several months there have been numerous heartfelt personal stories and multiple bills proposed not only in RI but around our country that are slowly taking our right to chose away. We have accomplished a lot in a short time but we need YOU and our legislators need to see and hear your stories.

If you are interested in providing testimony, or have a story you would like us to share please plan to attend this important meeting.

– Have you been turned away from your doctor because of your vaccine choices?
– Has your child been excluded from school due to vaccine choices?
– Has your child sustained a vaccine injury?
– Has your child been vaccinated without your knowing? If so which vaccines did they receive?

Please message us for meeting location.

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