Your Weekly Dose of Information – January 29, 2016


Bill Submission Deadline Rapidly Approaching

The last day for Senate and House Bill submission is February 11, 2016. The next two weeks we need your help contacting  legislators. Our group has bipartisan support in both the Rhode Island House and Senate. Last week our group met with several members of the RI General Assembly, several of which have already made commitments to submit or support legislation to accomplish the group’s goals.This is great news but there is still much work to be done.

What YOU can do to help…

Contact your legislators

Remember you elected them, hold them accountable. Explain that you want them to pass legislation to accomplish the following:

1. Restrict the authority of the RI Department of Health (DOH) to set minimum immunization standards for diseases that are non-transmissible in a school environment.
2. Remove the authority of the DOH to mandate HPV vaccination as a condition of school inclusion.
3. Require the DOH director to hold three public hearings when changes to the minimum standards for immunizations are planned.
4. Reinstate the philosophical exemption while also preserving the religious exemption.

Our HPV Parent Information Kit has a lot of information and a sample letter you can email to your legislator.

Continue to spread the word with Parents

The school districts have already started sending home the vaccine requirements for all the 6th graders, for some parents this will be the first time hearing about the HPV vaccine mandate. Direct them to our website where they will find valuable information on our Resources Page Are you interested in booking us for a speaking engagement or event? Please contact us HERE

Gather names and emails of your school nurses, PTO leaders, and school committees

We are creating a contact list and need your help gathering names, emails, and phone numbers. Please submit school information HERE You can also use this link to upload any vaccine mandate handouts being distributed. We will use the handouts as part of our testimony at the bill hearing.

Stay Informed.

Wondering what Bills are being proposed in the Senate and the House? Check out the “Daily Introductions” on the State RI General Assembly website. Keep tabs on the  Senate Committee on Health and Human Services They proposed the Religious Exemption removal and work closely with the RI Department of Health (DOH) This week the committee met with Dr. Alexander Scott of the DOH once we receive the meeting notes we will share with the group.

In the news this week

The American College of Pediatrics this week published a report New Concerns About The Human Papillomavirus vaccine

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