Your Weekly Dose of Information – January 22, 2016


Two RI Grandmothers HPV Vaccine Story ~ Written by Linda McLaughlin

Scene ~ Lippitt Elementary School playground, Two Grandparents watching their grandchildren play…

Grandparent 1 ~ Did you hear that the kids need the HPV vaccine to enter the 7th grade?

Grandparent 2 ~ Wait, my daughter told me something about a religious exemption and all you have to do was check off the box and they don’t have to get the vaccine to go to school.

The conversation continues, they both agreed this was valuable information to have and would protect their two granddaughters but there were still many people that didn’t have this information. The grandmothers decided information needed to be given out and the mandate  needed to be reversed. They both felt this vaccine was not something that should have an effect on children going to school. It was a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease not an airborne illness. The first meeting was held. It was a small group less that 20 people attended, but word began to spread and by the second meeting the RI Department of Health attended an the group swelled from less than 20 people to well over 60. Great questions were asked of the Department of Health and a lot of great information was shared by people that had been looking for a voice. The following week a Facebook Group was created. Within a month 2500 people had joined the group and over 2000 had signed the petition. We now had a voice and there were a lot of people speaking. It was time to take the next step spreading awareness about the mandate and informed consent. Help us remove this mandate, to provide informed consent and to get the information out to the current 6th grade parents.

From the two grandmothers started it all,
Linda and Joan


Did you know  78% of our legislators REFUSE to go on record about the HPV vaccine mandate.

Do you want to win this fight? Do you want the HPV vaccine mandate removed? NOW is the time, you MUST contact your legislators immediately.
You deserve a response from your elected official! Hold them accountable.

Explain that you want them to pass legislation to accomplish the following:

1. Restrict the authority of the RI Department of Health (DOH) to set minimum immunization standards for diseases that
are non-transmissible in a school environment.
2. Remove the authority of the DOH to mandate HPV vaccination as a condition of school inclusion.
3. Require the DOH director to hold three public hearings when changes to the minimum standards for immunizations
are planned.
4. Reinstate the philosophical exemption while also preserving the religious exemption.

Our parent packet has a lot of information and a sample letter you can email to your legislator. Print and share:https://vaccinechoiceri.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/parent-packet.pdf

If you missed the show, we had an opportunity to speak with Dan Yorke on his show State of Mind this week! We had a great discussion and appreciate the opportunity to spread the word. Thanks Dan and Lexi for inviting us!

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