Your Weekly Dose of Information – January 15, 2016


Vaccination and the Sunday Flyer ~ Written by Doc Black

It always amazes me as I talk to and observe people how much time they actually spend concentrating and focusing on “things”. I am sure that most of you can tell me the difference between the newest iPhone, what ever version it is, and a Samsung galaxy or which series of the house wives’ has the most dysfunctional sister-in-law. How many of us can name one ingredient and the effects it may have on the human physiology in just one of the vaccines we routinely and often blindly inject into our children? I bet I can even get a few Tom Brady stats from some of you, but when was the last time you looked at the statistics provided to you by the vaccine manufacturers or actually had an real “discussion” with your family’s doctor about these serious issues?

Unfortunately most of us never consider these things until we run into a problem…BUT…Unlike having the ability to change cell phone carriers or switching to a new series to binge watch; many of our “choices” effect the health of our children and maybe even our children’s children…these choices will definitely outlast this version of iPhone or this season of reality TV. Put down the flyer and study what actually makes a difference.

Until next time keep thinking and seeking YOUR truths….

~ Doc Black

This week we started receiving responses from legislators and some of you have also been meeting with them. Please continue to help us by calling, emailing, and meeting with your senator and representative and tell them that we propose legislation to accomplish the following:

1. Restrict the authority of the DOH to set minimum immunization standards for diseases which are non-transmissible in a school environment.
2. Remove the authority of the DOH to mandate HPV vaccination as a condition of school inclusion.
3. Require the DOH director to hold three public hearings when changes to the minimum standards for immunizations are planned.
4. Reinstate the philosophical exemption while also preserving the religious exemption to vaccinations.

Our group membership has swelled to over 2500 concerned citizens and, to date, more than 2900 supporters have signed an online petition to eliminate mandatory HPV vaccinations in R.I. We could not have accomplished this much without your support!

Remember to share the ‘HPV Parent Information Packet’ with parents you may know. Our resources page has lots of valuable information that all of you should read and share. Lastly don’t forget to sign the petition to remove the HPV mandate.

A quick reminder: The RI Alliance for Vaccine Choice is not seeking monetary donations at this time. If you are asked to donate money to aid in the removal of the HPV vaccine mandate, please be informed that it is not endorsed nor recommended by us. If you are contacted by someone on behalf of our organization, please inform us immediately.

Thank you again for your support!

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