Important Update From The Board

It has been brought to our attention that some members of our group have been asked to donate money. The RI Alliance for Vaccine Choice is not seeking monetary donations at this time. If you are asked to donate money to aid in the removal of the HPV vaccine mandate, please be informed that it is not endorsed nor recommended by us. If you are contacted by someone on behalf of our organization, please inform us immediately.

The RI Alliance for Vaccine Choice (RIAVC) mission is to protect and preserve our right to medical freedom and to prevent any action that would impose any additional infringement on human rights. We started out as a small group focused on the HPV vaccine mandate and have evolved into an alliance for ALL, one that supports the right to choice. We are rational thinkers with diverse healthcare beliefs that seek the truth, and will continue to support and provide valuable resources to families in RI and beyond.

Our top priority is the removal of the HPV vaccine mandate and we are working closely with the Alliance to Remove HPV Vaccine Mandate. Our mission is clear; we wish to support, educate, and work towards securing the freedom of choice for our families.  We ask that you continue to share our message via our social media outlets, get involved, and contact your local legislators. We have provided resources to help you become an informed parent with regards to the risks and rights to these decisions so you may continue to make the best choices possible for you and YOUR family.

Shawna & The Board of Directors
RI Alliance for Vaccine Choice

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