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Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year!

Alliance to Remove HPV Vaccine Mandate & RI Alliance for Vaccine Choice

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Your Weekly Dose of Information – December 18, 2015

Your Weekly Dose of Information brought to you by the RI Alliance for Vaccine Choice

What an exciting week! We’ve announced our partnership with the Alliance to remove HPV Vaccine Mandate Facebook group. We believe this partnership will  propel our mission and focus into the new year and beyond.

The Alliance to Remove HPV Vaccine Mandate  was founded by two grandmothers concerned with the HPV mandate. Both Linda and Joan strongly believed that the HPV vaccine should be a parental choice, not a mandate. Since that time they have made significant strides and experienced rapid growth. Their closed group has become an invaluable,  safe, and  private community for  Rhode Islanders  to share experiences, knowledge, and struggles relating specifically to the HPV mandate here in RI

In the News this week:

The RI Department of Health issued a  press release this week regarding immunization rates here in RI. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) praised Rhode Island for having immunization rates that are among the highest in the country for several vaccines in different age groups.

This announcement is a gentle reminder that we must continue to inform people in our community that they have a choice and continue to work with our state legislators and government officials to protect and preserve our right to medical freedom.

Calls to action:

The General Assembly will be back in session this January and our Legislative Committee has been working closely with legislators to draft and present our proposed legislation. We need your help contacting your RI State Senators and your RI State Representatives. Not sure who your State Senator or Representative is? Click Here

Soon schools will be sending home mandatory vaccination letters to all sixth graders. Please let parents know they have a choice and can use the Religious Exemption form.


Vaccine Detox: There was an inquiry this week on Facebook about detoxing after vaccines. We found this blog and think it’s a great starting point for anyone interested in learning more about a vaccine detox. Please do your research!

Bought Documentary: Bought This is a free online screening that reveals the truth behind Vaccines, GMO’s & Big Pharma.

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